A lot of people want to maintain a very healthy lifestyle, to remain fit and physically sound is a luxury these days because most of us are very busy with our everyday tasks and we do not usually find time to dedicate to our physical health. Although the fact that physical health counts the most is very well known, we are not putting in enough efforts into it. Now, why is that?

This can be derived an categorised under certain reasons, some people do not want to remain fit because they completely understand that they have to maintain their diet and burn calories which is too much work for them, indulging in such activities is going to interfere with their Peace of Mind. And some people find it very hard to remain fit because they do not know how they can do it. Not having the proper means required is also very disturbing because everyone has the right to live a healthy life. But then comes along the group of people who are not motivated enough, if you have found yourself looking for motivation on social media from time and time again, then your wait is finally over because now the only inspirational and influencive man from Haryana had stepped up- Subodh Godara.

Subodh Godara began his journey as a young man, growing up he used to admire the physique of men on TV and advertisements. It began back then and it always stuck to him, wondering how he can too have a structure like that. Although he was inspired to do so, he never actually tried it until one day he picked up the weights and since then he has never quite put them down again. He kept on striving, maintaining a proper diet also besides picking up weights, and very soon he had the perfect body!

Imagine becoming the man of your dreams, it is such a wonderful feeling. Subodh Godara has gained more than 20 kilos in his journey, because of his underweight problem that is now completely sold and gone forever, never to be brought up again. Just like he has motivated himself to be healthy, he also wants to motivate thousands of others and improve their lifestyle. He runs a very popular consultancy in Haryana itself, offering his services to the common people who do not have a particular plan on how they’re going to reduce weight or in fact gain it. Tired of all the medications and fake expert advice, they finally turn to this professional who has years of experience in it.

If you feel like you like inspiration, and a particular strategy, you might as well get in touch with Subodh Godara, this 18 year old young man can change your entire life!

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