Ernakulam: Today marks one year of the brutal murder of  SFI district committee member Abhimanyu, who was attacked and killed at Maharaja's College hostel, in Ernakulam, Kerala, on July 2 last year. Kerala Students Union (KSU) of the Congress party is protesting in Kochi, against the negligence of the police, who have not arrested all the accused in the case. 

The KSU even took a protest march to the district collector's camp office on Monday. The Kochi Police had arrested 16 KSU workers in connection with the protest on Monday.  Meanwhile, Student's Federation of India (SFI) is busy with the grand function of the installation of  20-year-old Abhimanyu’s memorial in Maharaja's College.

According to the special investigation team, only two key accused are yet to be arrested in the case. The police are still in search of Sahal, who allegedly stabbed Abhimanyu, and Shaheem, who was part of the gang of attackers.

Earlier, in a Facebook post, electricity minister MM Mani spoke about the release of the movie Nan Petta Makan, which depicts the life of Abhimanyu. The victim’s uncle had lashed out in anger in the comments section, stating that there was severe lapse in the probe of the case.

The uncle stated that the murderers had not been arrested yet and that the investigating officers were not answering calls of Abhimanyu's kin. He added that it is now one year since the death of Abhimanyu and the family does not know the status of the investigation. He requested the minister to reply to his comment.

 Abhimanyu's father Manoharan also told media that he would end his life, if the police won't arrest all the accused in the murder case.