Hardoi (Uttar Pradesh): Thanks to PM Modi's initiative in making Yoga internationally recognised, Yana and Natasha, yoga trainers from Russia who visited India during Diwali are enamoured by Indian culture and traditions. They want to continue staying in India.

Yana is not only impressed by yoga, but also has an inclination towards Hindu religion and its practices. Yana also revealed that she practices Indian traditions when she is in Russia and her house sports an Indian ambience.

Yana and Natasha who had come to Hardoi to be trained in yoga, now teach yoga to school children in Hardoi. The two visitors from Moscow spread the message of yoga and urge students to be strong and keep practicing yogasanas.

Speaking about Yoga, they said that yoga not only keeps students healthy, but also helps spread the message of yoga.

After a yoga session in the school, Yana and Natasha took part in Diwali celebrations in the premises.

Yana also expressed her wish to embrace Indian culture.

Natasha said that she even learnt Hindi back in Moscow and visits India every year. She has many friends in India. Both Yana and Natasha decided to come to India during Diwali to witness families celebrating the festival with grandeur.

Yana even wears a Sindhoor and mangalsutra. Yana said that she visited India for the first time when she was seven years old. She had come to Mathura with her parents. After that she has visited India many times, this made her fall in love with Indian culture and embrace the same.

Yana also said that every time she returns to Russia after visiting India, she keeps waiting for her next visit.