New Delhi: On Sunday (January 26), the marching contingent of the Corps of Army Air Defence made its debut on Rajpath during the 71st Republic Day parade.

The marching contingent of the Corps of Army Air Defence was led by Captain Vikas Kumar Sahu of Army Air Defence Centre.

The history of the Corps of Army Air Defence dates back to 1940 when the No 1 Technical Training Battery was raised. By 1943, as many as 33 Anti-Aircraft regiments were raised, and seven Anti-Aircraft brigades were deployed in India.

Four training establishments were raised in the country to cater to the training needs of anti-aircraft artillery during World War II. Post World War II, Nos 26 and 27 Anti-Aircrafts Regiments were retained in the country.

In the following period, the number of regiments was increased, and these were equipped with 3.7 inch and L/60 guns and the term Anti-Aircraft was replaced by Air Defence.

The Air Defence Artillery was carved out of the Regiment of Artillery in 1994 and was rapidly modernised. 

The Army Air Defence has been awarded four Military Cross, one Medal of the British Empire during the World War II and post-independence two Ashok Chakra, two Kirti Chakra, 20 Veer Chakra, nine Shaura Chakra and many more awards and decorations.

The Regimental Motto is 'Akashe Shatrun Jahi' which means Kill the Enemy in the Sky.