Bengaluru: Prime minister Narendra Modi took some time off from his busy schedule to address students who will be taking up exams. 

Titled Pariksha Pe Charcha, this is the fourth such programme. 

This edition was being done virtually so as to negate any consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The PM shared a few tips to ensure students do not undergo stress and feel disturbed. 

Here is what he said: 

“You knew of exams. They haven’t come suddenly. It means you’re not scared of exams but of something else. The atmosphere has been created around you that exams are everything. Sometimes schools, parents, relatives create an atmosphere that you’ve to undergo a big event, huge crisis,” he said. 

“Leave all tension outside the exam centre. The solution to deal with tension is available in Exam Warrior book and NaMo app,” he added more. 

The PM also had a word for parents: He said: “I’d like to tell them, especially parents, that what have you done? I think it’s the biggest mistake. We become conscious more than necessary & start over-thinking. I think this it’s not the end. Life is very long, this is just a small halt. We should not create pressure”. 

Attempt difficult things first: 

“Teachers and parents advise us to attempt things/ questions that are easy. However, with education, this suggestion is not right. In fact, first, attempt difficult topics as your mind is fresh. When I was a chief minister, I also learned things. I started my day discussing difficult things, things whose decisions were hard to take. I kept easier stuff for later part of the day,” the PM said. 

You should have one area of expertise: 

“Would Lata Mangeshkar be able to teach Geography? She may or she may not but her area of expertise is singing. Every successful person is known for his area of expertise and students should focus their energies on identifying and working on their areas of interest,” he said.