Bengaluru: While India suffers due to the holding of the Tablighi event in Nizamuddin in which 3500 participated and the attendees went all over India, spreading the virus, thereby increasing the count, Pakistan too is facing a similar crisis. 

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Republic TV quoted a Dawn report, in which it said the Jamaat organised its annual mass assembly despite strong opposition by the Punjab province government. The outlet, citing a report by the Punjab Special Branch, stated that around 70,000-80,000 members of the organisation gathered to participate in a congregation on March 10. The Jamaat's management is claiming that over 2,50,000 people participated in its annual event.  

It is also interesting to note that the Jamaat was attended by 3000 foreign nationals (from 40 different countries) and they could not return to their countries owing to cancellation of flights due to the coronavirus outbreak by Pakistani authorities. 

As per reports, Pakistan has reported 4196 positive cases of coronavirus and 60 deaths. 

In India, the event went on well past Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s call to shut down things and later, PM’s call to lock down things.

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The event was attended by 3500 people. Some of them came all the way from Indonesia and Malaysia.

There are reports that these attendees refused to heed to the call of the police and continued to congregate.

And as many of us would have seen, some of them – after being taken to the hospital – spat at the doctors, refused to remain cooperative and undergo tests.

There were also reports of these attendees misbehaving with lady healthcare staff.

The danger of holding such events is not just the threat of spreading it all over, but there are high chances of the society getting polarised. 

Communalisation of corona is the last thing we want when we are fighting the pandemic.