Bengaluru: In a shocking move, a Tablighi attendee misbehaved with a nurse at the Deen Dayal Upadhyay hospital in Uttar Pradesh. 

The staff at the hospital lodged a complaint with the police. He was arrested later. Presently, on the orders of the district magistrate, he has been sent to jail. 

The incident took place after he returned from the Tablighi and was quarantined in the hospital. 

The Tablighi event in Nizamuddin: 

The event went on well past Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s call to shut down things and later PM’s call to lock down things.

The event was attended by 3500 people. Some of them came all the way from Indonesia and Malaysia.

There are reports that these attendees refused to heed to the call of the police and continued to congregate.

And as many of us would have seen, some of them – after being taken to the hospital – spat at the doctors, refused to remain cooperative and undergo tests.

There were also reports of these attendees misbehaving with lady healthcare staff.

That’s not all. There were reports from Bengaluru that some Asha workers were attacked by Muslims when they went to collect details from the attendees.

Incidentally, what is reported at the hospital is not the first case. 

"Our team is engaged in providing healthcare services to those admitted here. They were told not to spit in the hospital, but they refuse to accept our instructions. They also misbehaved with the doctors. It is sad that despite giving every possible help, they are behaving in this manner. However, with police intervention, the situation has now come under control," one of the doctors had said earlier.

Female staffers had to be removed from the hospital due to their behaviour, she had said.

"Despite giving them rice, daal and paneer in their meals, they demand good food. They also demand good clothes and better facilities," she had added.