Bengaluru: You don’t necessarily need a formal degree to do good to the society. The sheer will and the knowledge of the subject are good enough. 

Jharkhand’s Kamil Topno is a living example. 

He has helped around 20 households in his Thakurain Dera village in Lohardaga get electricity. 

But how did he do it? Well, in simple words, he used the falling river water from a 100-foot hillock, reports The New Indian Express. 

The machine is made of rickshaw wheels and then Pelton-wheel. It converts energy of water falling from a height into electricity which is supplied throughout the day, seven days a week and does not cost a penny. 

This, he had learnt in school. And now, he has implemented in real life. 

“That’s what my teacher had told me in school,” he adds. 

He started the project in the year 2013-14. 

“I started the project in 2013-14 but succeeded a year later. Initially, I used rickshaw wheels fitted with a dynamo for extracting electricity which was not so efficient when the flow of water was slow,” he further says. 

It was not easy for him as he feared failures and shaming by the villagers. But he insisted and persisted. 

“I hit upon the idea when I was jobless and feared if I shared by idea, people would laugh at me. I started it silently, but when I succeeded, I shared my little invention with villagers who were very happy. I failed twice and had to lose around Rs 10,000. But I did not lose heart and finally succeeded in 2015.”

It is people like him who dare to do something different that helps better the lives of others. With no eye on any credit or praises, they offer themselves for the service of mankind, bringing light to the lives of many.