New Delhi: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) on Saturday (September 7) took to Twitter to laud the Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) attempt to land its Chandrayaan-2 mission on the south pole of the moon.

In a tweet, NASA said, "Space is hard. We commend Isro's attempt to land their Chandrayaan-2 mission on the Moon's South Pole."


"You have inspired us with your journey and look forward to future opportunities to explore our solar system together," NASA added.

Earlier on Saturday, tense situation was witnessed at ISRO, Bengaluru, when the communication between Lander Vikram and the ground station was lost during the Fine Breaking Phase.

Pragyan, a six-wheeled and 27-kg robotic vehicle, was placed to communicate the information and pictures with Vikram, which would beam the content back to the ground station.

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Vikram Lander completed Rough Breaking Phase at 1:49 am, which began from 1:38 am. During this time, the speed velocity of the satellite was reduced for the touchdown.

However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his limitless support to the hard-working scientists and said that science knows no failures but only efforts.

Lander Vikram was supposed to make a safe landing on the moon's surface at 1:55 am following what ISRO had described as "15 minutes of terror".