Chennai: The crime branch CID (CB-CID) of the Tamil Nadu police has, through its findings, unearthed that as many as 30 infants have been sold in the Namakkal baby selling case. The 30 infants include 24 girls.

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The special investigation agency stated that buyers of the infants, middlemen and everyone concerned will be brought under the ambit of its probe.

The agency has not yet revealed the period over which the 30 babies were sold.

The Namakkal baby-selling racket came to light when an audio clip went viral in which a nurse could be heard bragging about how she had sold many babies over a span of 30 years.

The nurse and an ambulance driver had been arrested in connection with the case. The agency has been interrogating the accused for further lead in the case.

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Tamil Nadu health secretary Beela Rajesh had taken quick action to probe the case, as soon as the audio went viral.

The woman made sensational claims of how she had been selling babies over the span of three decades and that she had never seen trouble.

She further stated that she had even given up her job as a government nurse in order to take up this racket as a full time job. The woman further sent shockwaves when she quoted price of the babies to the potential customer.

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The woman stated that if the baby was not darker skinned and weighed less, the price would be about Rs 2.75 lakh but if the baby was fair skinned and weighed more, the price would be about Rs 5 lakh.

Throwing more light into the racket, the woman stated that for an additional Rs 75,000, even a birth certificate can be provided.

The local police had initially handled the case, and it was later transferred to the Crime Branch-CID on April 29.