Rasipuram: Tamil Nadu's Rasipuram is left in a state of shock after an audio of a woman allegedly buying and selling babies for a living has gone viral. The woman can be heard making shocking revelations about how her "business" works.

Amudha, a former nurse, can be heard in the audio telling a "customer" that she has been running this business smoothly for the last 30 years.

She even claimed that she took voluntary retirement from her nursing job in order to run this baby racket.

In the audio, Amudha says that the skin colour of the baby and the weight at birth plays a crucial role in deciding the final price.

"If it's a boy weighing three kilograms, then the price would at least be Rs 4 lakh. If the baby is a girl, then the price would be Rs 3 lakh. If the baby is darker, then price would be less," said Amudha to a “potential customer”.

She also assures that for an additional Rs 70,000, the child's birth certificate can also be procured.

The Rasipuram baby selling racket has been running for 30 years as couples have a hard time conceiving and the government's adoption process is too tedious, claimed Amudha.

She said that it is not easy for the middle class to go through that process and hence opt for such methods.

Children from poor families and children born to unmarried couples are often sold off to couples desperately looking to have a baby.

Reports have come in stating that the baby-selling racket was operated by a gang that also stole babies from neighbouring states and sometimes even abroad.

The gang has been accused of abusing the children after stealing them from their families.

Despite the racket being operative for the last 30 years, no one came forward to complain about it because of the sheer desperation to have a child.