Alappuzha:  The mother of the 15-month-old child who was found dead, confessed to police that she killed her. Aathira, mother of Aadisha, said to police that she killed the baby as she was irritated by her baby's constant cries.

She stated that she covered the child’s mouth with her hands. However, Aathira also told police that she did not intend to kill her daughter, and that the death was a mistake.

Aathira was arrested after the funeral of her daughter and police are investigating to check whether more people were involved in the crime.

The 15-month-old child was found dead on Saturday at Kollamvelli Colony in Pattanakkad, Alappuzha on April Police had initially suspected that the child was murdered. The post mortem report stated the baby died due to deprivation of oxygen.  No injuries were seen on her body except one on the left side of her upper lip.

Aathira told hospital authorities that the child was left in the room after she fell asleep and that her husband and her returned to the room to find her unconscious. Suspecting foul play, hospital authorities then informed police.

Four months ago, Aadisha’s father Sharone was taken into police custody for allegedly attacking his mother- in- law.  Earlier, Aathira and her husband were jailed for six days for allegedly thrashing Sharone’s mother. Aadisha was also kept in jail with her mother as she was too young to be separated.

According to sources, Aathira used to beat her daughter when she was as young as two-months-old. Athira's mother-in-law told media that Aathira was known to hit Aadisha for no reason.

Atrocities against children have seen an increase in the state as shown by the rising number of cases registered under the POCSO Act in the last four years.