Bengaluru: With the political instability continuing in Maharashtra well after 10 days of election results being announced, the need for Shiva Sena and BJP to bury the hatchet and form a government is becoming more and more imperative. 

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has urged the Shiva Sena to join the BJP and form the government. In his tweet, he said, “I urge Shiv Sena to find a way to join with BJP to form the Government. It is true Shiv Sena has genuine grievances about BJP leadership as do many stalwarts in BJP also have. But the cause of unity in Hindutva forces require patience for one more decade so best to bear it.” 


The BJP won 105 seats while the Shiva Sena won 56 seats. The magic number is 145. Though it is crystal clear that it is the BJP that has the bigger numbers, the Shiva Sena is playing truant with its litany of demands.

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Incidentally, this afternoon, senior NCP leader Sharad Pawar, in a presser, urged the Shiva Sena and the BJP to form the government in Maharashtra. When he met UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi a few days ago, talks were abuzz that the NCP would join hands with the Congress and the Shiva Sena to form a government in Maharashtra. 

But now that Pawar himself has made it clear, all such talks have no fruition. In fact, he said that “people of Maharashtra have given the BJP and Shiva Sena the mandate to rule the state” and that “NCP would sit in the opposition, respecting people’s mandate.” 

The elections for Maharashtra Assembly were held on October 21, along with the elections for Haryana. In both states, the BJP did not enjoy a majority. However, in Haryana, BJP joined hands with Dushyant Choutala to form a government.