Bengaluru: The entire nation waited with bated breath for the election results of two states last October. One was Haryana and the other was Maharashtra. While the poll pundits gave humongous numbers to the saffron party and the saffron party was itself in a very sanguine mood about winning both states handsomely, the reality was bitter, with none getting a clear mandate. 

Though there was confusion in both states as to who would form government, the Haryana imbroglio is solved, with Khattar and Dushyant forming a coalition government. 

But when it comes to Maharashtra, the impasse refuses to end. The pendulum of uncertainty keeps swinging hither-thither and the state, in spite of a pre-poll alliance between BJP and the Shiva Sena, is in a state of political anarchy. 

The BJP won 105 seats while the Shiva Sena won 56 seats. The magic number is 145. Though it is crystal clear that it is the BJP that has the bigger numbers, the Shiva Sena is playing truant with its litany of demands. 

It is been more than 11 days since the results, yet one of the biggest states in India has no government. 

Anwar Manappadi, a BJP spokesperson says, “Whatever is happening in Maharashtra will not bother our party, for it is a national party with the best mandate. If there is any other party which has won some seats like the Shiva Sena, it is because of piggy-riding and we are very sure the government will be formed only by the BJP, and it is certain that Fadnavis will be the chief minister.”

While this article was being written, there were talks that the Congress might join hands with the NCP and the Shiva Sena to stake claim to form government. But such a prospect will not last long. 

The spokesperson adds, “Ideologically from different poles, political parties cannot come together. These political parties which have been decimated by the people of Maharashtra for the last three elections forming the government is laughable.”