Bengaluru: It’s a massive loss of face for AICC former president Rahul Gandhi as he has received approval ratings of an abysmal 0.58 percent. 

While it is ignominy for Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi happens to be on the other end of the continuum with a rating of 66%. 

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Across states only 18.63 per cent said they are "very satisfied" with him while 25.06 per cent said they are somewhat satisfied. However, the larger chunk of 43.11 per cent asserted that they are not at all satisfied with the performance of the former Congress president. 



The survey was conducted by IANS-C Voter State of the Nation 2020.  

A popular website added that even in his best performance, Gandhi just had 36.12 per cent net approval from the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Kerala, a state he is elected an MP from, is his second best performance which is 26.11 per cent net approval. To make sense of numbers, Modi's worst net approval was 32.15 per cent.

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While 38.94 per cent Keralites said they are very satisfied with the way Rahul Gandhi performed, 32.49 per cent of them said they are not at all satisfied.

His third best performance is in Assam which once was a Congress bastion before Himanta Biswa Sarma and Sarbananda Sonowal swept to power. But even in his third best rating, Rahul Gandhi got a mere 15.32 per cent nett approval, half of Modi's worst approval rating which was in Kerala.

In fact, it's only six states or regions where Gandhi's approval ratings were in double digits. All the remaining states were either in single digit or worse, in negative.

The website quoted Yashwant Deshmukh of C Voter as saying, "Even in Congress-ruled states like Chhattisgarh, forget Modi, Gandhi can't compete with his own Chief Minister, in terms of approvals.”  

In as many as 10 states, including Punjab and Maharashtra where his ratings are negative. In Maharashtra its -11.18 per cent while in Punjab its -15 per cent. Even in Madhya Pradesh where his party was in power only a few months back, the former Congress President has an approval rating of -2.41 per cent. His worst performance is Himachal Pradesh that gave him a total thumbs down with -22.34 per cent rating.