Bengaluru: As you grow, you should get maturity. And as you get maturity, you get a lot of responsibility. And as you get responsibility, there come a lot of accountability and answerability.

When you are in the driver’s seat, it is not just your responsibility but your bounden duty to take everyone along and if needed, offer your sacrifice in order to save your herd!
But in the case of former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi, everything seems to be an exception!

If you are a political aficionado, you must be aware of the fact that Rahul Gandhi washed his hands of the Maharashtra coalition mayhem, saying that Congress is just a partner and it is not ruling.

This hopelessly escapist attitude of Rahul Gandhi reminds us of his own abominable and hopeless statement.  He had once said that Dalits need to run at the escape velocity of Jupiter a few years ago in relation to Dalits attaining success in their fields. The statement was issued while he was opposing former Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati.  

Anyway, let’s keep that aside. Maharashtra has been a repository of pandemic outbreak, with hundreds of cases being reported. There are also allegations that the government is not doing enough tests. And as if these were not enough, there are news reports in which it is stated that the Maharashtra government has filed a case against a Marathi reporter for exposing the ills in a government-run quarantine centre.

We must also tell you that the government has released a gag order, instructing all and sundry not to spread rumours and not to criticise the government. Such a gag order, in our view, is fundamentally against the ethos of freedom of speech and expression as enshrined in our Constitution.

When Maharashtra is being plagued by such inane gag orders, bad governance, the ineptitude and inefficiency of Uddhav Thackeray is writ large.

Now, back to the issue of Rahul Gandhi. At a time when the Maharashtra mayhem has peaked, Rahul Gandhi, who is touted to be the face of Opposition, must have jumped into the fray and taken the bull by the horns.

He should have summoned some alacrity in advising the Thackeray government of running the state efficiently. But in stead of that, he coolly shrugged his shoulders, offsetting any chances of being held accountable.

Imagine this for a moment! Rahul Gandhi is also touted to be the Prime Ministerial candidate of India. If he can’t aid and advise a state chief minister, how will he manage the country? And if he can’t aid and advise a chief minister, what moral right has he got to advise and criticise the Prime Minister?

The NCP was quick to jump in order to criticise Rahul Gandhi:

Majeed Memon said, “It is not right to say Congress is not part of the decision-making process. Its members are part of the cabinet and they are not providing support from outside.”

This ridiculous and ludicrous attitude of passing the buck speaks volumes about a leader who is not willing to put his shoulders to the wheels.