Thiruvananthapuram: Airport officials in Kerala have been accused of aiding gold smugglers. The incident came to light when a woman was caught carrying gold and confessed to the probe team that she had been indulging in the activity for almost five times. Airport officials too were caught on camera helping the gang smuggle the precious metal.

Revenue Intelligence came to know that the gang smuggled gold with the help of airport customs officials through CCTV visuals.

The visuals showed several officer preventing the bags with gold to pass through the X-ray scanner. 

The phones of the accused officers have been handed over to Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) to find out the details.

The woman, Veenitha also alleged that her husband Biju had threatened her into smuggling.

Veenitha told the police that she had smuggled as much as 60 kg of gold five times in the past. 

She confessed to smuggling it for the first time in December 2018. 

She also revealed to the probe team that her husband and several of his friends who travelled frequently to Dubai also smuggle gold.

Biju and Vineetha had a love marriage and both of them are lawyers. Vineetha has practiced in court only for few days and Biju has not been to court for 2 years.

As Biju was afraid that his wife might reveal his illegal activities so he forced her into smuggling by threatening her of divorce and marrying another woman from the gang.

Vineetha was so depressed of Biju’s smuggling activities and relationship with other women in the gang that she even tried ending her life.