Bengaluru: After a 2-day adjournment, the Karnataka Assembly and Council reconvened on Monday (July 15).

As it happened, all eyes were on the Assembly Speaker Ramesh Kumar as he chaired the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting to decide on a date for chief minister HD Kumaraswamy to take up the trust vote.

Both the leaders of the house, Kumaraswamy and leader of opposition BS Yeddyurappa were part of the BAC. After a lot of discussion, the date for vote of confidence has been set. It is July 18.

Sources say, “Yeddyurappa wanted the ruling coalition to prove its majority on Monday. But the CM was not game for it. After a long discussion, he said he would do it on Thursday (July 18) at 11am. Keeping in mind the case pending before the Supreme Court, the chief minister chose Thursday as the day to prove his majority.”

Former CM Siddaramaiah also spoke to the media: 


This means, the coalition is safe for three more days.

On the other hand, the BJP prevailed upon the Speaker to give it a chance to move the no-confidence motion, but it was not granted.

So, this means till Thursday, there will be no proceedings in the house. Experts say that such a moratorium on the proceedings only means wastage of taxpayers’ money and doesn’t augur well for democracy.

MyNation has reliably learnt chief minister Kumaraswamy is coercing former chief minister Siddaramaiah to travel all the way to Mumbai and mollify disgruntled elements there.

Dinesh Gundu Rao, KPCC chief, said, “The BJP is all set to scapegoat the disgruntled elements by enticing them to resign. They want these MLAs disqualified. Once they get disqualified, the BJP can easily say they can’t be given ministerships and can continue with forming the government. I want to request my friends in Mumbai to see through the ploy and extricate themselves from the mess.”