Muri (Jharkhand): Tabbu, all of 15 years battled the practice of child marriages in Muri village of Jharkhand. It was decided Tabbu and three of her sisters would be married at the earliest, but a village play changed the outlook of everyone in the village, including her father’s.

Breakthrough, a human rights organisation had put up a play titled ‘Chanda Pukare’ as part of a campaign ‘Nation Against Early Marriage. 15-year-old Tabbu played the lead character in the play ‘Chanda Pukare’ that dealt with child marriages. Tabbu decided not only to pursue her dreams but also to ensure that her older sister would not be married off at a very young age.

She decided to speak to her father about the importance of educating a girl child, of empowering girls to work and create a niche for themselves.

Luckily, Tabbu was able to save her older sister from marrying young and has become an inspiration in her village.

The village of Muri has come together to educate many girls in the villages and encourage them to take up a job.

Many girls have even moved out of the village to pursue their education and employment in various parts of the country.