Bengaluru: When the Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the nation earlier this morning to light a candle or diyan keep it for nine minutes on April 5 at 9pm, it was a call to exercise unity during the ongoing crisis. 

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Though there are criticisms against it, it is a move thought of to keep the nation together as one. 

But politics continues over the issue. 

Jitendra Awhad, Maharashtra’s housing minister has slammed the PM over this decision. 

He put out a video in which he spoke against the move. 

He said, "It was expected from our Prime Minister that he will talk about food grains, he will talk about the policy of schedule caste and schedule tribe who have been deprived of food grains, he will talk about migrant labours, talk about 50% of the population who does not have a penny in their pocket and food in their house, talk about medicine, vaccine, masks, sanitisation, providing money to the state, talk about making people comfortable in the current situation, and what Mr Modi talks - 'put your lights off and on the torch of your mobile'! Is this an event? In a crisis, A PM looks like a ray of hope and here he comes with an idea which is of the stone age. Absolute darkness in everybody's house except a few, Sorry to say Mr Modi India is not a country of fools. You can't make a fool out of India whenever you like. I am declaring I am not going to off my lights. Instead of that money I will use for the poor. I don't mind disobeying you, I will follow my ethics and help the poor."


The Prime Minister has come up with such unique exercises to keep the nation united. 

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Earlier, he had urged the nation to ring bells at 5 pm on April 24 as part of the Janata curfew and also to show our appreciation to our doctors and nurses. 

Well, a minister openly and brazenly declaring that he would  not follow what the PM said is defiance at its worst.