Bengaluru: Addressing the nation via video conference on Friday at 9am, Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested citizens of the country to stand in their balcony or the terrace on April 5 (Sunday) for 9 minutes with candles, lamps or mobile flash lights to mark the march from darkness to light in a bid to fight the deadly virus - COVID-19.

Modi also requested everyone to switch off all the lights in the house for solidarity. 

PM Modi said, "When people are staying at home due to the 21-day lockdown, they could be wondering how many more days will this go on for. But we are not alone. In such a fight, we need to remain united. Only then will there be more focus then in the way ahead. We can then help India fight coronavirus." 

He added, "We need to move towards certainty. As India fights coronavirus, on April 5, we need to fight the darkness of COVID-19 with lights. At 9pm, I request 9 minutes of your time. Switch off the lights at home. Stand in the balconies and flash lights." 

"Nobody is alone. During this lockdown in India, do not venture out. Do this only from balconies or at your doors. Do not compromise with social distancing," PM Modi urged. 

"This will give us faith in fighting the deadly virus. There is nothing more stronger than our spirits. We will unite and will emerge victorious in keeping COVID-19 at bay, stated PM Modi. 

The total number of COVID-19 cases climbed to more than 450 in the past 24 hours after the states across the country reported more cases following the Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, Delhi emerging as the biggest hotspot of the novel coronavirus outbreak. 

The total number of active cases in the country stand at 1,860 and the death toll at 53, according to the ministry of health and family welfare's website.