With just one day left for India to celebrate its independence from the British rule. Here is a look back at what happened on August 14 in 1947. August 14 was the day of many events in the country that was all set to be announced as a sovereign nation in a few hours. Here are four major events that took place on August 14 in 1947.

1. Pakistan created

Pakistan was created out of India and was formed as Dominion of Pakistan. Mustafa Ali Hamdani was the first announcer of Radio Pakistan, who announced the freedom of Pakistan at 00.05 hrs on August 14. The British called it the 'Transfer of Power' and Pakistan called it a homeland.

2. Tryst with destiny

In India, just before the stroke of midnight on August 14, Jawaharlal Nehru delivered the speech of freedom that is called as "Tryst with Destiny” speech. Technically, it was still August 14 when the speech started. At the stroke of midnight, he announced the news of India being a free country. The speech was delivered in both English and Hindi.

3. Death toll

As there was a train taking people to Pakistan, thousands of dead bodies were found. There was arson attack and fighting in the border areas and by August 14, at least 15 lakh people were killed during partition.

4. India all set for celebrations

Every street in India was decorated and from cities to villages people were awaiting the announcement of freedom from the British rule. All were in a celebratory mood and stages were being set for various events the next day.