Bengaluru: Prime minister Narendra Modi has unveiled 17 recently developed biofortified varieties of 8 crops.

According to the prime minister, the varieties, along with other food ingredients, will transform the normal Indian thali into nutri-thali. 

These varieties have been developed by utilizing the local landraces and farmer's varieties. 

The production of bio-fortified crop varieties will be upscaled and linked with government programmes of mid-day meal, Anganwadi to reduce malnutrition and make India Kuposhan Mukta through naturally enriched food ingredients. 

This will also usher in higher income of farmers and will open new avenues of entrepreneurship development.

The 17 varieties of crops include:

* Crop: Rice
New Variety: CR Dhan 315 
Contains: High zinc

* Crop: Wheat
New Variety: HI 1633 
Contains: Protein, iron and zinc

* Crop: Wheat
New Variety: HD 3298 
Contains: Protein and iron

* Crop: Wheat
New Variety: DBW 303 and DDW 48 
Contains: Protein

* Crop: Ladhowal
New Varieties: Quality Protein Maize Hybrid 1-2-3 
Contains: Lysine and tryptophan

* Crop: Finger millet
New Variety: CFMV1 and 2 
Contains: Calcium, iron and zinc

* Crop: little Millet
New Variety: CLMV1 
Contains: Iron and Zinc

* Crop: Mustard
New Variety: Pusa Mustard 32 
Contains: Low erucic acid

* Crop: Groundnut 
New Varieties: Girnar 4 and 5 
Contains: Enhanced oleic acid 

* Crop: Yam 
New Variety: Sri Neelima 
Contains: Enhanced zinc, iron and anthocyanin

* Crop: Yam 
New Variety: DA 340 
Contains: Enhanced zinc, iron and anthocyanin