Bengaluru: Secularism in India has sadly become a one-way street. 

Many a time, secularism has been equated with Hindu bashing and minority appeasement. 

But as Hindus have become more aware of their glorious religion and their past, they take a lot of pride in their culture, god and goddesses and don’t  think twice in raising issues if they feel their sentiments are being hurt. 

Asif Khan, an employee of GoAir was terminated by the airline as he had posted incendiary and inflammatory stuff on the social media. 

As his posts gained a lot of traction, several people took umbrage and tagged the airline, and sought action against him for hurting sentiments of Hindus. 
It is interesting to note that Khan had proclaimed that he was a cabin crew, but later it was revealed that he was training to become a pilot. 

As the chorus for punitive action against him grew, the airline put out a tweet, saying it doesn’t tolerate any sort of misbehaviour from its staff, especially, in relation to social media policy. 

After going through Khan’s credentials, the airline took the ultimate step of terminating Khan for his posts. 


Sources added that former Shiva Sena member Ramesh Solanki has decided to file an FIR against him. 

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It is also pertinent to note that GoAir had suspended Kunal Kamra for misbehaving with journalist Arnab Goswami on a flight. 

It is also worthy to note that intolerance of any kind towards any religion is reprehensible. Since India is a democracy, its citizens have the right to follow and propagate any religion. Though freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed under the Indian Constitution, it has to be noted that the freedom can’t be abused to inflict pain, hurt sentiments of any person of any religion.