Bengaluru: We have written so many articles on the misdemeanour of comedian Kunal Kamra on the flight with journalist Arnab Goswami. 
Yet his recidivism refuses to end. 

A repeat offender that he is, Kunal Kamra, as reported by several prominent websites, is said to have tried to heckle Arnab Goswami yet again. This time though, it was on GoAir flight, and destinations reversed – Lucknow to Mumbai. He even put out a tweet in this regard. 


The incident is said to have taken place in the bus that transports passengers from the terminal to the aircraft. As reported, Kamra approached Arnab yet again, but as sources point out, this time, Kamra was a lot more mellowed down. And as Arnab asked him to back off. 

Following this, GoAir has also suspended Kunal Kamra, just like their counterparts Air India, IndiGo and SpiceJet. 


Behaviour of such kind is utterly reprehensible. Most airlines have a strict set of rules governing passenger behaviour as they can affect other passengers as well. 

While there are those who point out that such heckling would have attracted severe charges (that of terrorism as well) in countries like the US, back home in India, instead of condemning such hooliganism, the Congress and its coterie upheld his behaviour, with senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor in the vanguard. 

On Tuesday, Kunal Kamra heckled Arnab in the guise of taking up cudgels on behalf of his hero Rohit Vemula, who allegedly committed suicide. 

She showered a spray of abuses on the journalist, but Arnab remained stoic and relaxed, in spite of the aggression. However, he quickly left the airport as he landed. 

Owing to his aggressive and unruly behaviour, Indigo was forced to suspend Kamra for a period of six months, which Air India and SpiceJet had also followed suit. 

It is disgusting and dangerous that comedians like Kamra resort to such acts that endanger the lives of others as well.