Bengaluru: Meet Monica Manohar. She is an expert in aerobics. 

But what surprises anyone is that she had a bright career in administrative services. In fact, she had even cleared the prelims of Jammu Kashmir Administrative Services but did not attend the mains. All because, she had found the love of her life – aerobics. 

When Monica informed her parents that she wanted to open an aerobics class, they were skeptical. All in their family were in high-paying jobs. So they did not reconcile to this thought. 


However, with perseverance, Monica convinced her father. He gave her Rs 5000 to pay as rent. But he did not talk to her as he was dead against her idea of opening such a school. 

She says, “I came to see a hall with a rent of Rs 5000 but I had no money. On insistence, the father agreed to pay the rent, but he refused to talk to me. He was not happy with my decision. When the people around came to know, they also joked. However, I was not bothered by these things because I was sure that I would set up the business.” 

As she set up her business, it was her mother and sister who became her first clients. 

As days wore on, she impressed other people to join the classes. It was not easy considering that may wanted to attend gym classes, but she worked hard, took more training to increase the efficacy. 

By considerable time, the number of clients swelled to 40 and eventually, hit the 100 mark. 
Today, she earns lakhs of rupees a month and has even employed trainers. 

She has even spread her centres outside Jammu in places like Chandigarh. 

Today, as she tastes success, her parents can’t help but be in awe of her for taking bold decisions and proving herself.