Bengaluru: As the news spread that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would address the nation yet again 10 am on April 14, rumour mills are agog. Speculations are rife that he may even task the citizens again to further make it a people’s initiative. 

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We make a list of likely subjects he would broach upon. 

1.     He would first begin his speech by thanking people for their cooperation in the 21-day lockdown. 

2.     In the next 15 day for which the lockdown would be extended, PM Modi may ease lockdown features. He might exclude essentials like food, medicine, fire among others. 

3.    He may even relax travel norms. He may allow domestic travel like flights from one part of the country to the other. Even trains can be allowed to run. 

4.    He may even relax agriculture practices. Remember! Economy has been hit terribly. So by reviving agriculture practices, he sees a slow but sure growth in economy. 

5.     He may also talk about the growing number of cases in the country. In those districts which have a lot of hotspots, he may even impose a ‘seal down’ and in other places, where the infection has come down, he may allow a window period for essential shopping. 

6.    Most importantly, he may talk to the citizens, thank them for their cooperation and infuse confidence in them. It is understandable the citizens would be frustrated. A pep talk by the Prime Minister himself would lift their spirits and bring them back to normal. It is also needless to say that Prime Minister enjoys phenomenal following and his words are followed most meticulously. 

When he urged the people to follow Janata curfew and ring bells and light candles as a gesture of solidarity, the whole nation implemented his words with utmost zeal. 

Using this clout that he enjoys, he may further impress the citizenry to follow guidelines to curb the spread of coronavirus.