Bengaluru: The nation is yet again on tenterhooks as Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address it at 10 am on Tuesday (April 14). 

However, it is expected that the Prime Minister will talk to the nation about the extension of the lockdown. 

2 days ago, he had met with several chief ministers of different states who had sought from him an extension of the lockdown to further curb the spread of the virus. 

Though the PM had nodded his head in approval, he is also have told the CMs that economy too can’t be ignored. 

He had indicated that the lockdown would continue, but it would be in a graded fashion. While the lockdown would continue, there would be steps taken to improve an ailing economy. 

The Indian economy is growing at its slowest pace in the last six years, with unemployment rising badly. Any lockdown with no care taken to improve the economy would be disastrous. 

More on the lockdown: 

It was on March 24 that PM announced that there would be a 21-day lockdown till April 14. A few days before this, he had urged the people to hold a Janata curfew and show a gesture of ringing bells in order to show solidarity with soldiers with stethoscopes. 

In the present lockdown, schools, colleges and other institutions have been shut. Transport (intracity and intercity), eateries have also been shut. However, essential services like milk, medicine, police and fire continue to function normally. 

Back to the issue of meeting with CMs, Delhi CM had tweeted that the lockdown had been extended till April 30. 

Odisha and Punjab have extended the lockdown till April 30 while other states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka also put forth their desire of extending the lockdown. 

So let’s tune in at 10 am tomorrow.