Bengaluru: What do we do when a bulb in our house goes kaput? Well, throw it into the dustbin. 

But for Rohit Bhattacharjee, an LED bulb, which did not function well, became a trigger to start a company that manufactures such bulbs and earn well at just 22 years of age!

He is a student of English honours in Tripura. His company is called RB Illuminations, reports The Better India. 

“Around January 2020, the LED bulb in my room became dysfunctional. The electronic shop selling these bulbs was a bit far from my village. Out of curiosity, I tried to open the bulb and look at its components but didn’t find much. I looked at YouTube videos to understand the elements and functions of the components,” he says as quoted by the website. 

After studying the parts of the bulb, he decided to set up a unit.  

“The drivers, cap, chip and body were its main elements, and their capacities differed. None of the components needed any processing, but they did demand careful assembling. I thought that instead of buying a new one, why not set up a unit to manufacture LED bulbs altogether”. 

But to fund his project, he had to sell his bike his parents had gifted him. 

His father Pulak adds, “We were not aware of our son’s plans, as he preferred not to disclose many details. He told us he was selling his bike, which we had gifted him, for Rs 65,000. He asked us for financial support, and that we should trust him. We managed to give him Rs 3.5 lakh from our savings”. 

From starting a unit, Rohit has also employed a few people. 
The father adds, “When we learned that his idea was to set up an LED bulb unit and employ people, we were scared. We have never ventured into this sector and didn’t know anything about it. But Rohit assured us he would work something out and not let the investment money go in vain”. 

Today, he manufactures several bulbs and sells them with unique features like better performance among others. 

And not to mention that he earns Rs 2.5 lakh a month!