Bengaluru: All thanks to the novel coronavirus infection, the world has come to a grinding halt.

Thousands have lost their lives and lakhs have been infected. 

But is the infection gender specific and do men get more affected than women by this virus? 

Well, before we go into that issue, as reported by India Today, coronavirus has an affinity for a protein called ACE-2 and uses this as the landing spot inside the human body. 
ACE-2 is a protein that regulates an enzyme involved with the maintenance of blood pressure, among other things. This protein is found on the surface of many tissues. 

Once it enters the body, the spikes present on the virus hook themselves to the protein and thereby enter the cell. 

We know that once this virus enters the human body and settles itself for one or two days, it is enough to create havoc. Symptoms like fever, cough set in. 

Now, back to the issue of the virus and gender. 

As reported, the concentration of ACE-2 increases with age. That is why children and youngsters are relatively untouched by the virus, while the elderly are more affected. Interestingly, women have lesser concentration of this protein, making themselves less susceptible to the virus. 

As of now, the number of affected persons stands at 349, 211 and deaths remain at 15, 308. 

In India, the number of deaths has risen to 9 while the number of affected has risen to 9. 

Indian government, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged its citizens not to venture out  of their homes as the spread of the virus can happen easily. 

Lockdowns have also been announced in 80 districts till March 31. 

Meanwhile, the top court has expressed its satisfaction over the way the Centre has handled things.