Bengaluru: Congress is a party that always brags that it follows the principle of democracy. But when it comes to practicality, its stance is diametrically opposite. 
Congress MLA Aditi Singh who represents the Rae Bareli Sadar Assembly segment in Uttar Pradesh had exposed the Congress’s hypocrisy over the ‘thousand buses’ charade. 

Now, as reported by Republic TV, she has been suspended for her expose! 

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Earlier, this is what she had to say about the offer Priyanka Gandhi had made. 

“What is the need for such low level politics during this time of emergency. A list of 1000 buses was sent, out of which 297 were in shambles, 98 were ambulances and rickshaw like vehicles and 68 didn't have proper documents. What is this cruel joke? If you had buses, why didn't you deploy them to Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Punjab? When thousands of children from U.P were stuck in Kota, where were these buses? Let alone their homes, these children were not even dropped off to the border by Congress. Yogi Adityanath government deployed buses overnight and got these children home and was praised by the Rajasthan Chief Minister himself.” 

Sources add that she has been removed from all groups of the party. They further add that her suspension from women’s wing is only the first step in a series of massive punitive measures to be taken up. We might also recall that Aditi had openly praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, probably last year, which vexed and angered her party unit in Uttar Pradesh. They had also sought permission from the party high command to censure her officially. 

Aditi’s courage to take on the Gandhi family publicly calls for a lot of courage. She must also be privy to the fact that none in the Congress is spared if they dare to touch the Gandhi family.