Bengaluru: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s new offer to run a thousand buses to facilitate the movement of migrants has made headlines across media channels. 

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath too countenanced the proposal. In return, Priyanka Gandhi also wrote him a thanksgiving letter. 

However, till the time of writing this letter, no buses (out of the 1000 buses) were seen on the roads ferrying migrants. 

Well, maybe, we should cut some slack for the Congress leader as it takes time to arrange buses, but moving to a greater issue, Yogi Adityanath has posed four questions to the leader and Congress in general. 

These stinging questions are sure to leave the Congress embarrassed: 

1.    If Congress had 1000 buses, why were migrants sent via trucks from Rajasthan and Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal? 

2.    Will Congress take responsibility for Auraiya tragedy as one truck was coming from Punjab and another from Rajasthan?  

3.    Informing that most Shramik trains were travelling workers back to UP, he asked Vadra to convince Congress-ruled states to allow more trains to UP.

4.    Furthermore, he stated that the government has not been informed details of the people or buses arriving in the 1000 buses arranged by Congress to UP. 

Priyanka Gandhi had said in this regard, "There is chaos on the roads of the country. The labourers are walking back home from the cities with their children and families on empty stomachs. It seems as if the system has forgotten them. Lakhs of labourers are on the roads braving the summer heat. Accidents are taking place every day."

The issue of migrants taking the long and arduous walk back home has become a bone of political contention. As revealed by railways minister Piyush Goyal, states like West Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra hadn’t sought enough and more trains to help their migrants return home safe.