The CAA protests were dying, but in order to make the protests vile, the Opposition parties are now using children to gain momentum. Kids as young as 4 and 5 are raising slogans asking for Azaadi, including call for killing people. We have seen the protests getting violent, where they have burned buses and destroyed public property. If the protests at Shaheen Bagh now get violent, God forbid, who will take the onus of protecting these children! The children are the future of our society. They should be allowed their fundamental right to education and well-being. They should not act as mouthpiece to drive the agenda of their elders. The CAA protesters are using children as sacrificial lambs to serve their selfish purposes.

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India is a democratic country where freedom of speech is indeed a fundamental right. But, do they have the right to use innocent children, who probably do not even understand the meaning of politics, as their propaganda machinery? I guess not. It isn’t right to poison their impressionable minds. It is absolutely inhumane that we are using kids to raise slogans calling for torturous death of people. They probably aren’t even aware of who Hitler is when they say, “Wo Hitler ki maut marega.”

Children as young as four or five should not be protesting. They should rather be provided a safe and protected environment for their growth. They should be at home enjoying their evening dinners with their parents and playing at the park.  They should have books and crayons in their hands and not the mike shouting Azaadi at Shaheen Bagh. In the world of hatred, we as parents should protect our kids from all dangers and evils in the world and not push them into it. I hope the parents realise that soon before it is too late.

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