The Indian intelligentsia has made it quite apparent with their support for Jihadist bigotry to fight against the fabricated enemy of Hindutva. They have found their perfect allies in Islamic extremists, and their recent one being poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Just because he is a poet doesn’t seem to justify the Islamic extremism that his words preach. India is a country where almost 80% of the population are Hindus. But, Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s song speaks of destroying murtis and just letting the name of Allah prevail. How would the people who believe in worshipping idols (who are the majority in India) feel?


Faiz Ahmed Faiz is a Pakistani poet. Breaking murtis in a rogue state like Pakistan may seem absolutely normal but that will not or rather should not be tolerated in India. Murti Pujan is an integral part of Hinduism and such poems are nothing but an insult on the Hindu belief system. The original poem was against dictators who failed to abide by the laws of Islam. So, how is this applicable to India? Why should India be Islamic like Pakistan? Why should only Allah’s name remain? During the entire CAA protests we have repeatedly heard the terms like “Hinduon se Azaadi” and “Kaafiron se Azaadi”. We have seen people who support and propagate Jihad become the heroes of these protests. We have also seen them being supported univocally by Bollywood and liberals alike. So, making this poem the anthem of the CAA protests seems like a natural extension for them.

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The funny thing is that Muslims in India reject Vande Mataram because it promotes idol worship. Hindus are supposed to accept such revolts with open arms. The liberals in India seem to support the Muslims when they protest. They have all started to behave like the PR machinery of the Jihadists. We may not be as intelligent as the liberals in our country, but we definitely are not blind towards their blatant hatred for Hinduism and their unconditional love for Jihad.

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