Bengaluru: Villages are playing a crucial role as India fights the second wave of the pandemic.  

Kalbhonde, a tiny village on the borders of Thane and Nashik districts is a prime example, reports Times of India. 

The elders of the village have played a crucial role in helping the village stay free of the virus. 

They held a consultation after lockdown announcement and sealed the village. 

They even set up a makeshift isolation centre at the entry point, without government help, for the residents who mostly worked in neighbouring areas as farm hands.

“The villagers are predominantly employed as farm labour in neighbouring areas and after the lockdown, many started returning home. The elders convinced the womenfolk that the isolation of their husbands and family members would benefit the village, ensuring minimal resistance,” said Prashant Marke, a zilla parishad gram sewak, as quoted by the website. 

Villagers have also taken a decision not to invite people unnecessarily which means the spread of the virus will be taken care of. 

Naturally, even the government officials are impressed by it. 

“The discipline and unity showed by the residents to keep their village virus-free for over a year now is commendable. It was heartening to note that the villagers here ensured strict compliance to safety protocols, something that is not seen in urban areas,” the website quoted Thane zilla parishad CEO Bhausaheb Dangade as saying. 

However, one should also note that it was not an easy task keeping the villager virus-free. 

“The villagers initially refused to allow even government officials to enter, but we talked to them and made them aware of the precautions to be taken. The villagers promoted the use of sanitisers and masks and the protocol is still followed though there are no cases here,” said Marke, a villager. 

It is in this way that the village has remained a model for others.