Bengaluru: You may find it strange, but isn’t truth stranger than fiction? 

A Bihar lawyer Sudhir Kumar Ahuja has moved a Muzaffarpur court against Chinese president Xi Jinping and ambassador Sun Weidong. 

But why? 

The reason is that he feels that China has been furtively developing the virus to unleash it on the world. He also refers to a 1981-published book which had allegedly predicted the outbreak. He adds that China let the virus spread pandemically to establish its authority in the world - the court has granted him a hearing on April 11. 

"A conspiracy has been propagated by China by allowing the spread of Coronavirus on a pandemic scale. We have filed a case against Chinese President Xi Jinping and state ambassador Sun Weidong in the Muzaffarpur court. I have accused that in 1981 itself a book which was published had claimed that China is secretly creating this (virus) and will be deployed into the world to display its power," as quoted by ANI. 

He added, "Due to this epidemic, thousands have died in China and around the world, some have died in India too. Hence I have filed a case against the two of them. The court has scheduled a hearing on 11 April."

Presently, lakhs have tested positive for the Coronavirus across the world and thousands have died. 

In India, 3 people have passed away while the number of affected is 147. 

In his bid to contain the virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a videoconferencing in which SAARC members participated. 

He even sought to open a fund to deal with virus-related problems. 

The best way to prevent the spread of the virus is to wash hands frequently, wear a face mask and to maintain social distancing.