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    India18, Mar 2020, 7:17 PM IST

    Coronavirus pandemic: Bihar lawyer files case against Chinese President Xi Jinping and ambassador Sun Weidong

    A Bihar-based lawyer has filed a case against Chinese president Xi Jinping and ambassador Sun Weidong

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    Politics27, Dec 2019, 3:37 PM IST

    The Handshake | How India-China maintained sound momentum in 2019

    Hello and welcome to this episode of The Handshake, my name is Amal Chowdhury and today we will be talking about how India-China relations maintained 'sound momentum' in 2019. Buoyed by the bonhomie generated by the two informal summits between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping, India-China relations managed to maintain a "sound momentum" in 2019, notwithstanding the serious differences over issues like Kashmir and the UN designation of a terror group leader based in Pakistan.

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    Politics25, Nov 2019, 2:34 PM IST

    The Handshake | How India and China will celebrate 70 years of diplomatic ties

    Hello and welcome to this episode of The Handshake, my name is Amal Chowdhury and today we will be talking about how India and China are going to celebrate 70th anniversary of their diplomatic ties.

  • Modi- Xi Jinping

    World14, Nov 2019, 10:09 AM IST

    Chinese President Xi Jinping invites PM Modi for 3rd informal summit between 2 countries

    Leaders of Brazil, Russia, India and China are partaking in the BRICS Summit wherein Chinese President invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for an informal summit in China in 2020. 

  • PM Modi leaves for BRICS conference, will participate in these programs with five countries

    India13, Nov 2019, 6:17 PM IST

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Brazil for BRICS summit to strengthen bilateral ties

    PM Modi will meet Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on the sidelines of the 11th BRICS summit, to discuss ways to enhance bilateral strategic partnership. He will also hold separate bilateral meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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    Politics12, Nov 2019, 3:26 PM IST

    The Handshake | The strengthening ties between India and China

    Hello and welcome to yet another episode of The Handshake, my name is Amal Chowdhury and today we will be talking about what China is thinking about the meeting between PM Narendra Modi and their President Xi Jinping.

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    India4, Nov 2019, 7:47 PM IST

    RCEP – Why India dithers to seal the deal

    The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership or the RCEP is a trade agreement involving 16 countries that enables them to transact having minimum or no tariffs or duties related to the transaction.

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    Politics4, Nov 2019, 2:46 PM IST

    India-China High Level Trade Talk, What To Expect Out Of It

    The recently-held informal summit between the Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi included an announcement about the setting up of a high-level economic and trade dialogue mechanism to discuss issues related to trade imbalances, investment, and services. The high-level trade-centric mechanism comes as no surprise, given the galloping trade deficit between the two countries and the pending status of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) negotiations since 2012.

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    India20, Oct 2019, 2:43 PM IST

    PM Modi shares his Tamil translated poem during Mamallapuram visit

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently met in Tamil Nadu's Mamallapuram for an informal summit

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    Politics18, Oct 2019, 9:40 AM IST

    China To Recognise India’s position On Kashmir

    Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to India is, for many, was an important one. While no major changes or announcements were expected and none were made during the visit, it will undoubtedly lead to deepening the co-operation between the two countries. The previous Xi -Modi meeting was held in Wuhan in April last year; It was also an informal summit, it was so decided by both heads of state to have such informal meetings. May be, Narendra Modi is thinking that such meetings provide some results. The President of China arrived in India as per the decision at Wuhan. Moreover, he flew to Chennai with the realization that India is no more a nation that was five or ten years ago. Beijing also recognizes the fact that they require India’s consent or co-operation for their most ambitious projects in Pakistan.

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    Politics16, Oct 2019, 9:59 AM IST

    Modi, Doval and Jaishankar; Face Of India's Foreign Policy

    Three fortuitous developments are helping the Modi-Jaishankar-Doval trio to effect some subtle changes – Modi and Jaishankar’s high octane diplomatic blitz in the US to re-energise the US relationship; the crafting of Wuhan II at Mamallapuram where Chinese president Xi Jinping had a meeting with PM Modi, and the unexpected opening up of the field in the Afghanistan peace process.

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    India13, Oct 2019, 12:37 PM IST

    Simplicity thy name Modi: When PM adjusted mike, picked up flowers

    PM Modi has shown exemplary behaviour while helping others. Be it cleaning up the beach or setting the mic right or picking up flowers, he hasn’t hesitated to render help when required. 

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    India13, Oct 2019, 12:07 PM IST

    What was PM Modi carrying at Mamallapuram beach while plogging?

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen carrying an object in his hand while plogging a beach in Mamallapuram. But the device left several netizens puzzled, with many of them even seeking a clarification. PM Modi put all the confusion to rest. 

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    India12, Oct 2019, 6:41 PM IST

    From Alka Lamba’s return to Congress to new era in India-China relations, watch MyNation in 100 seconds

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi uploaded a video of him cleaning a beach in Mamallapuram ahead of his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. His move had taken netizens by storm with several of them praising the Prime minister for practising what he preaches. Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping held one-on-one interactions that lasted for about six hours during the summit. Catch the top stories of the country on MyNation in 100 seconds.

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    India12, Oct 2019, 5:16 PM IST

    Modi-Xi informal summit: PM thanks Tamil Nadu for hospitality, warmth

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the people of Tamil Nadu for their hospitality in hosting him and Chinese President Xi Jinping.