New Delhi: One hundred and thirty one chartered accountants from across the country, on Monday, debunked allegations made by a group of 108 economists and social scientists who say that the economic statistics of the country are in disarray. Alleging political interference in data publication, the group has also stated that the Central Statistics Office and National Sample Survey Office have lost credibility under the government.

The points the CAs raised are the following.

1. These are 'Hindu rate of growth' loving economists

"I am a Chartered Secretary & Gareebon Ka Economist and here is a discussion I had with @Tejasvi_Surya exposing Lutyens ecosystem history of lies calling Nehru Rate of growth as '' Hindu rate of growth" #CAsForNation, went a tweet."

2. These economists favour the wrong methodology of data management

"Our systems of data collation, data management, data analysis and data dissemination were old and archaic. This government attempted to correct all these ills and provide a true and fair view of the status of the economy," said one of the campaigners in the #CAsForNation trend.

3. The economists themselves fudged data to arrive at their conclusion

BJP's Suresh Nakhua made this point with a screenshot of the counter published by a group of experts in finance.

Trending under the hashtag #CAsForNation, several people have made their statements supporting the government and the accountants by calling the allegations baseless. 

Questions arising about the data published despite being verified by international organisations such as World Bank and IMF has led to it being called choreographed like the ‘Award Wapsi’ issue. 

The chartered accountants question the group as to why no questions were asked when India was lagging behind in development over the last 54 years. They also stated that it was a politically motivated attempt at disputing the government.

The regular changing of base year for calculation of data relating to GDP and Inflation have been accepted as fair practices. The rebasing of GDP has from 2004-2005 to 2011-2012 was set in motion by the UPA government which the accountants say is being conveniently ignored.

While stating the difficulty in calculating data for such a vast country as India, errors and omissions are said to be imminent. Questioning the credibility of data has been called out as an attempt to disown institutions in the country.

The Chartered Accountants have called for professionals from across the country to come together to present a true picture of India.