Bengaluru: BJP has criticised former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi for his continuous absence from the meetings of Standing Committee on Defence. Incidentally, he is a member of the Committee. 


GVL Narasimha Rao, senior BJP leader said, "Rahul Gandhi questions the armed forces, demoralises their bravery and valour. I want Congress to answer. Why then is he absent in the meetings of the Standing Committee on Defence of which he is a member? Why in 11 meetings has he never once made time and come? Does he only attend commission meetings instead of committee meetings?" 

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Rao also demanded an answer. He further said, “We demand an explanation from Rahul Gandhi as to why he chose to be absent from all the meetings. He and his party have nominated him as a member of this Committee which deals with all matters pertaining to defence and armed forces. Rahul Gandhi chooses not to attend any of these meetings. He chose to not attend a field visit to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh which proved to be a very important visit for the committee. He must apologize to the Armed Forces, must apologise to the people of the country, he has ignored his responsibilities as a member of the parliament and as a committee member.” 

It might be recalled that Rahul Gandhi had questioned the government over the issue of Indian soldiers not being armed at the Galwan Valley. 

But EAM S Jaishankar reminded him of a treaty signed in 1996 when it was agreed upon that within a 2-km radius of the LAC, soldiers would not open fire. 


Incidentally, Rahul Gandhi was also reminded by the father of a soldier not to play politics over Galwan Valley. But  the Gandhi scion refuses to rise to the occasion and behave appropriately.