Bengaluru: Amit Shah, the national president of the BJP is celebrating his 55th birthday. 

While wishes pour in from all quarters for the tall leader, we try to find out how his own party members and those of the opposition parties view him. 

A BJP spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous says, “He has a very sharp personality and his clarity of thought is exceptional. He can analyse and assess the larger picture at hand in a quick manner. The operational manual for the party machinery he gave is phenomenal. He is extremely good and focused.”

Shah is known to be very strict and doesn’t mince words when giving a piece of his mind. He expects people to function in their positions. 

The BJP spokesperson adds, “Amit Shah always asks leaders to perform. He prods them to get to the streets if required in order to help the people. Quite a lot of senior leaders had been at the receiving end when a particular job he had assigned had not been accomplished.” 

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It’s not just the BJP members, even a member of the opposition party issues encomiums to the national president. What are the traits that they are in awe of? 

Professor KE Radhakrishna, vice-president of the Karnataka State Congress says, “In the recent years, the emergence of Amit Shah is a great phenomenon in public life. His irrepressible energy to carry out whatever he believes in, and his single-minded pursuit is nothing but a role model to others.” 

But the vice-president has a word of caution. He adds, “At the same time, a little sober and all-inclusive Amit Shah would be a pleasant leadership to the country. I wish him many more positively energetic years.” 

Shah’s journey has been fantastic till date. He was a booth level worker in Gujarat. Then he became the state home minister. Now, he is both the party president and the Union home minister. 

Here is wishing him a very happy birthday!