Bengaluru: While India itches for action against China which killed 20 of our brave soldiers at the Galwan Valley, IAF is all ready to face any eventuality. 

“The Air Force is determined to deliver and is well prepared and suitably deployed to respond to any contingency,” IAF chief Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria said. 

He added, “It should be very clear that we are well prepared and suitably deployed to respond to any contingency. I assure the nation that we are determined to deliver and will never let the sacrifice of our braves of Galwan go in vain.” 

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He also added that the armed forces remain prepared and vigilant at all times. 

He said in this regard, "The security scenario in our region mandates that our armed forces remain prepared and vigilant at all times. The development at LAC Ladakh is a small snapshot of what we are required to handle at short notice.”


The Air Chief also said the situation at LAC is resolved peacefully. he said, “In spite of unacceptable Chinese actions after agreements reached during military talks and resultant loss of life all efforts are endeavoured to ensure that the current situation at the LAC is resolved peacefully.” 

After an all-party meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he assured the nation that not even an inch of land had been ceded to China and praised the martyred soldiers for their supreme sacrifice. 

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He also assured the nation that it will not compromise on its territorial integrity and is self-sufficient to guard its borders and land. 

The Galwan Valley clash took place on June 15 in which unarmed Indian soldiers were attacked by PLA members with iron rods, barbed wires and stones. 

Though unarmed, our brave soldiers took the fight till the end, inflicting 43 casualties on the opposite side.