Bengaluru: As Rahul Gandhi continues to question the government over Galwan Valley clashes despite clear explanations and clarifications, Union home minister Amit Shah has given him a befitting reply. 

Sharing a video of an injured father’s soldier, Amit Shah had a message for Rahul Gandhi. He said he should 'rise above petty politics' at a time when the entire nation is united against Chinese aggression. Shah also said that the Wayanad MP must 'stand in solidarity with national interest.'

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In the video, the injured soldier’s father says: "The Indian Army is a strong army and can defeat China. Rahul Gandhi you should not politicise this issue, this is not right. My son fought for the country and he will continue to do so. I hope that he gets well soon and then he will again serve the nation."


Rahul Gandhi has consistently cast aspersions on the ruling government. First he questioned the government as to how the soldiers went unarmed to the Valley, fully ignorant of the fact that it was his party, along with the government of the year 1996, that had signed a treaty in which it was decided that no soldier would open fire within a radius of 2 kilometres from the Line of  Actual Control. 

After this gaffe, for which none other than EAM S Jaishankar gave a befitting reply, Rahul Gandhi again resorted to some political mischief, by twisting PM Narendra Modi’s statement that not even an inch of India’s land had been ceded. Gandhi said that PM Modi had surrendered to China. 

In the all-party meet chaired by the Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi decided to take PM on while other leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Uddhav Thackeray, Nitish Kumar, Jagan Reddy, among others threw their weight behind the PM at this hour of crisis.