Bengaluru: Irrespective of our differences in religion, caster inter alia, when it comes to our nation, we stand as one. We bury all our differences and stand in unison to protect our motherland. 

Today (February 14) being the first anniversary of Pulwama attacks, the nation stands as one in paying homage to the 40 soldiers who attained martyrdom. 

But even on such a solemn occasion, there are elements who play around with the lives of our bravehearts. Earlier today, we put out an article in which we showed you the tweet of Rahul Gandhi, questioning who would benefit from the Pulwama attacks. 

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Now, another leader, this time, from the CPI(M) who name is Md Salim, who also happens to be a politburo member and a former RS MP has objected to the memorial column to be inaugurated at CRPF’s Lethpora camp today. 

The names of all the 40 martyrs, with their photographs, and the CRPF motto ‘Seva Aur Nishtha’ features on the memorial.

In his tweet, he said, “We don’t need a memorial to remind us of our incompetence. The only thing we need to know is how 80kg of RDX got past the international borders to the ‘most militarised zone on earth’ & exploded in Pulwama”.


Politics over Pulwama is nothing new. 

The political reactions:

Tall leaders like Sharad Pawar used the incident to hit out at Modi. In the run-up to the Maharashtra elections, he said only a Pulwama-like incident could help BJP win in Maharashtra.
On the other hand, Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan openly said that abrogation of articles 35A and 370 would lead to Pulwama-like incidents.

The shameless doubting Thomases:

Even though the Indian security forces had accomplished the revenge, many Indian political parties sadly doubted the airstrikes. So the Indian Air Force came out with the proof.