Bengaluru: On a day when the entire nation comes together to pay homage to the martyrs of the Pulwama attack, Rahul Gandhi, the former AICC chief, as expected has played politics over the issue. 
Early this morning, he put out a tweet, asking three questions: 

1. Who benefitted the most from the attack?

2. What is the outcome of the inquiry into the attack?

3. Who in the BJP Govt has yet been held accountable for the security lapses that allowed the attack? 


At a time when he should have buried all differences with BJP, Rahul Gandhi has chosen to attack the BJP, which is nothing else but cheap. And if we may add, this attitude is worse than the attack itself! 

Quite naturally, Twitterati erupted in anger and indignation, getting Rahul Gandhi to focus on grandmother’s assassination. 


While politics was being played out, PM Modi paid his tributes to the martyrs. 

Taking to twitter, this is what he said: 

“Tributes to the brave martyrs who lost their lives in the gruesome Pulwama attack last year. They were exceptional individuals who devoted their lives to serving and protecting our nation. India will never forget their martyrdom.”


The incident:

A suicide bomber Adil Ahmad Dar, belonging to Pulwama district, also a member of Jaish-e-Mohammed drove his vehicle into a convoy of vehicles carrying our soldiers, killing tens of them on the spot.

The political reactions:

Tall leaders like Sharad Pawar used the incident to hit out at Modi. In the run-up to the Maharashtra elections last year, he said only a Pulwama-like incident could help BJP win in Maharashtra. Truth to tell, politics in the name of Pulwama is reprehensible. 

On the other hand, Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan openly said that abrogation of articles 35A and 370 would lead to Pulwama-like incidents.