Weight loss is a journey that comes with several myths about dieting or exercising, which are nothing but nonsense. However, a lot of people end up believing in them, which can hinder their progress and cause health issues. 

One such myth is regarding rice, one of India's staple food items. Many fitness enthusiasts believe that eating rice can cause weight gain and should be avoided by people who are trying to lose weight. However, it is just not true. You don't have to eliminate rice from your diet to lose weight at all. 

Online health and fitness coach, Simran posted a video on her Instagram, explaining the importance of eating mindfully rather than being scared of rice and excluding it from the diet. 

The caption read, "Can I eat rice on my fat loss journey? This is the most commonly asked question. Yes you can! Rice won’t make you gain fat! OVER-EATING OF RICE OR ANY FOOD ITEM WILL MAKE YOU GAIN FAT!"



"Rice is my personal favourite because they are affordable, easy to make, tastes good with dal and Subji. Can be reused (lol, we are bachelors and we look for quick meal preps)," Simran added in the caption. 

The best way to eat rice and not gain weight 

She wrote, "Have a glass of water or chaj 10-12 minutes before sitting for your lunch/ dinner. Then finish your salad, now hog to your dal chawal with more dal and curd!"

"Eat your meals slowly. Enjoy every bite ( prefer not to watch anything while eating) And this way you won’t over eat!" she added. 

Active lifestyle for weight loss 

"Also, trust me eating rice won’t give you diabetes but over eating and sedentary lifestyle will. Focus on being active, move your body, eat balanced foods and stop getting frightened by everything you see on the internet ( it’s easy to sell fear than to sell common sense) start using your common sense, be more active, improve your lifestyle and feel free to ask your questions, I am happy to help!" she wrote, explaining her followers to not worry about rice but focus more on physical activities and keeping your body moving. 

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