Pregnant women who drink carbonated beverages during their pregnancy increase the chances of their kid becoming obese, according to a study. Consuming two drinks a day could be harmful for the child.

The study found that women who consume two fizzy drinks during their second trimester could increase their child's waistline and BMI. These results could show when the child is seven years old. The findings of the study also revealed that every drink adds 0.15 kg/m2 fat mass to the child.

However, the study claimed that fruit juice, diet drinks and water don't have this effect on the child. The study's lead author Sheryl Rifas-Shiman from Harvard University said the findings could assist mothers in taking firm steps to curb childhood obesity. This condition is becoming increasingly prevalent and doctors find it difficult to treat.

During the study, scientists from Harvard University studied more than a thousand mother-child pairs before publishing the results.