Walid Riachy Known as @izww on instagram, originally from Lebanon, has worked on international acting and modelling campaigns for big brands including Vavci, DropOFF fashion, Dp World Dubai, Etisalat.
RIACHY admits he keeps his physique in shape by snowboarding, martial arts, and adventure racing.

He even partakes in a spot of rock climbing, and advanced yoga. ‘I’m also an advanced cigar smoker and scotch drinker,’ he jokes.” Walid Riachy began acting and modelling later in life than is typical, and spent his former years as a successful home builder, before being recruited by a modelling agency in 2016.

Shortly after joining the industry, he landed several national commercials and print ads.

After a fresh start in modelling and commercials, Walid decided to pursue his hand at acting and was signed with an exclusive acting agency based in Dubai.

Speaking about his experience in the industry, he says: 'Modeling for me is the perfect balance to my acting career.

'Acting is truly emotive and you can do anything from pretending to be a guard of a prison, to playing a brother role.

'This now is very much a part of being a model, as acting and modelling cross over and the line blurs between the two, but modelling is very much about being yourself.

‘This year I appeared on the runway during Mrs.India Fashion Show in Dubai walking for designer Kirti Rathore.’



Admitting that modelling can be more intimidating when it comes to competition, he explains: ‘You cannot hide behind a character or role when modelling and that can be daunting - being looked at for your hair, your physique, your smile and celebrated for how you look in online rating polls.’

Walid admits his life has changed and he is even approached and recognised by members of the public, leaving him humbled.



Riachy is a dedicated and a hard-working person on shoots who shares his creative inputs and ideas with designers and photographers he works with. Talking about it, he said,“I love experimenting with the mood and feeling of the shoot, taking my job very seriously, while still feeling free and at ease at shoots.” 

With a hectic schedule, the young fashion influencer has been working as a freelance model and an actor in Dubai. His contribution towards work has inspired many young Arab male models to make a career in modelling which was once considered an industry full of women. Walid’s perseverance and passion for work have made him a household name across Dubai as well as Lebanon.