Gaurav Gaikwad who has modelled for multiple fashion brands in commercial and done ads shoots on digital platform as well, shares his propositions and ideas regarding fashion on his blog. 

While teenagers his age are still gaming and trying to find a direction in their lives, Gaurav Gaikwad at the age of just 19 has already established himself as one of the Youngest most credible fashion blogger out there. Thanks to his passion for the craft of fashion and brilliant  communication skills.

Born in 2001 and coming from a family in Pune, Gaurav always dreamt of making a make in the industry of fashion, lifestyle and technology. In order to achieve his dream Gaurav also stared blogging at a very young age. However, it was more important to him that he worked on his talent and improved his skills early on. What made him believe that he is on the right track, was his first ever blog reaching a 5000 views hit. 

But not just that, apart from his blogs where Gaurav shares most of his ideas and suggestions regarding the art of fashion, Gaurav has also modelled for multiple brands. Bringing a lot to successful brand collaborations on his plate in the modelling world as well. 

However, the great mind as he is, apart from being a successful model and fashion blogger, Gaurav decided to use his immense skills and knowledge on  tech on his website the, which is a massive hit among his clients and followers. 

In no time, Gaurav has become one of the highest paid influencers in the industry and first from his denomination from Pune. Gaurav has proved his worth time and again and his increasing followers are proof of it.