As if the world does not have enough bizarre stuff to offer, here is an incident which would make you wonder if it is for real.
It is about a Frenchman who died during sex while on a business trip and a court ruled it a "workplace accident".
In the uncanny judgement, a Paris court ruled that the firm should payout to the family of its employee who suffered a heart atta ck during sex while he was on a business trip for a railway company, reported Fox News.

A Frenchman identified as M. Xavier had travelled to the Loiret region in 2013 for his employer TSO, a railway construction company where he had sex with a 'complete stranger. During the act, the man suffered a heart attack and died.

During the act, the man suffered a heart attack and died, The Local France reported, citing local media. The Court of Appeal of Paris ruled his death a "workplace accident" in May this year, according to a copy of the ruling posted to LinkedIn last week by lawyer Sarah Balluet.

The company argued in the court that Xavier's sexual activity was not a part of work. Also, the man died in a different hotel, his death was not a liability of the company.

The company said before the ruling that the employee's death "occurred when he had knowingly interrupted his work for a reason solely dictated by his personal interest, independent of his employment" and that because of this, he was no longer on his business trip.

The company also went on to add that its employee's death did not have anything to do with his work performance but rather a "sexual act he had with a complete stranger."

However, the Paris court argued that it does not matter whether an accident during a business trip happens on work or personal time unless an employer has proof an employee "interrupted his mission" for personal reasons. The court also said that sexual activity "is a matter of everyday life, like taking a shower or a meal."