Dr. Shilpi Behl is the owner of Avana Dentistry, Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery. Her expertise lies in cosmetic procedures like “Smile Makeover, Aesthetic Treatments. The main purpose of her focus is to uplift people’s spirit and make them fall in love with themselves again.

However, the most noble aspect of her work life is that she intends to provide her treatments at an affordable price to deserving patients. In other words, Avana is a one-stop-solution if you need a complete “Dento-Facial Rejuvenation” with Dr. Shilpi’s focus on providing a “holistic and conservative treatment.”

Dr. Shilpi is a habitual achiever, right since her school days. She was a topper at school and after she began her practice post her graduation in Dentistry, Dr. Shilpi has been achieving one milestone after another. Her work in the field of dentistry and facial aesthetics is known all over the world. Because of her exemplary work, she is also known as the “Aesthetic Pandit” and “Facial Architect.” Working with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Shilpi is attracting dental patients from all over the world.

No wonder that she bagged the award of the Best Dentist at the Brand Achievers Award 2016. Besides, she was also recognized as the “Youngest Achiever” in India. Apart from being a brilliant dentist, Dr. Shilpi is a very humble person in her life. The way she takes care of her patients and treats them is an unforgettable experience.
The care with which she handles her patients has made her a favorite among those seeking consultation about their dental problems.

So, if you need dental consultation or want to enhance your dental features in any way, Dr. Shilpi is your one-stop-shop!